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Summary Care Record

The surgery is part of the national scheme called the Summary Care Record.  This is a system by which simple details e.g. allergies, medication from a patient’s record can be accessed by other NHS services e.g. hospital.

Below is information that we ask every patient to read and consider.

Summary Care Record leaflet

There is also a local scheme called The Oxfordshire Care Summary which allows NHS services in Oxfordshire to access these simple details.  Below is the information that we ask every patient to read and consider

Oxfordshire Care Summary Information

For any patients that wish to opt out of these scheme, we ask them to fill out the below opt out form and return it to the surgery.  It must be signed by the patient, as this form is kept within your paper records and also put on our system as well. If possible we ask that patients return it by hand or by post, rather than electronically.

SCR Opt out form


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