The Hart Surgery

York Road, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 2DR

Telephone: 01491 843200

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Administrative Help

These are dealt with by our medical secretaries. Examples are requests for insurance reports, holiday cancellation forms, shotgun licenses, queries about referrals, request for copies of records.

Not for clinical questions or advice or for appointment or prescription requests

You may contact our medical secretaries for administrative help only using the form below. We aim to respond within a couple of days but may up to a week to respond to questions submitted via this quick form

Contact Medical Secretaries

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Please DO NOT use this for for any of the following

  • Anything that is urgent
  • To book an appointment or ask a GP to call
  • To ask for a prescription
  • To ask for clinical advice or anything requiring a GP or clinician input


Administrative Notes

Sick notes Please request a sick note if required via our medical secretaries.
Consent to Sharing Medical Records We have been asked by the Information Governance office at the OCCG to apply a blanket rule to all our patient records which allows them to be shared with health providers even if in the past you have requested that they are not shared. This is because it is deemed to be in the public interest in this global health crisis which overrides patients right to confidentiality for the duration of the Corona Virus outbreak. For more detailed information please see the Supplementary privacy notice on Covid-19 for Patients here