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Tests & Results

Please note that the surgery will not contact you to give you your results unless urgent or timely action needs to be taken. 

Tests may take a up to a full week to come back and be reviewed by a GP. Please do not ring before then and risk being asked to call again. X-Rays can take up to 10 days.

Finding out the results of your tests

Patient Access





  1. You can telephone the treatment room desk (Tue-Fri, 10am – 12 noon, 2pm – 4pm) – 01491 843200, option 4
  2. If you are signed up for patient access you can view the results online
  3. You can ask to receive the results by text by completing a quick form at reception. Note that if you have multiple tests you may receive several different texts. The text will give the doctors’ comments on the test and indicate if you need to do anything.
  4. You can come into the surgery and ask at the treatment room reception desk.
  5. If you have an follow-up appointment arranged you will be told the results then.

If the results of a test require action to be taken you will be told when you phone for your results or we will aim to contact you as soon as possible.

Results of Smear Tests and Mammograms

These are arranged by the service concerned and you will be contacted directly by them with the result.  Smear tests (cervical screening) are currently taking up to 4 weeks to come through.

Tests Arranged by a Hospital or External Consultant

Please note if a Consultant has arranged a test for you then it is the responsibility of the Consultant to inform you of the result. You should contact the Consultant’s secretary directly to obtain these results rather than the Practice, if you do not hear from the hospital directly.


The practice has a strict policy regarding confidentiality and data protection. We will only release test results to the person to whom they relate unless that person has given prior permission for the release of this data or they are not capable of understanding the results.

Could we add something to say that Cervical Smear and Mammograms come direct from the service concerned and not from us therefore we don’t have control over the timings…(ie currently the smears are taking 3-4 weeks)