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What we can and cannot prescribe

  • We cannot prescribe medication that can usually be bought over the counter eg paracetamol
  • We are not authorised to prescribe medication which is not on the Oxfordshire Prescribing Formulary.   This specifies a range of prescribable medicines and is designed to encourage safe, effective and economical prescribing.  If medications are not on this formulary or medications are unlicensed your GP will unfortunately be unable to prescribe these.  There may be situations where a consultant will ask the GP to prescribe a medication that is either unlicensed or not on the formulary.  In such circumstances the GP will ask the requesting consultant to prescribe the medication directly to the patient.

Medication Reviews

All patients on repeat medication will need to have at least an annual medication review. This is to check that your health needs have not changed, and that you are on the most appropriate  medication and/or dosage according to the most up-to-date guidelines. In addition, if your medication is giving you unpleasant side effects, your doctor may be able to suggest an alternative.  Occasionally we contact patients to tell them of a change in medication, usually when NHS or Oxfordshire guidelines change with immediate effect.

When it is time for your medication review we may contact you and ask you to make an appointment. Sometimes you will need a blood test and sometimes only a telephone chat is necessary. On occasion it may be necessary to stop or change a medication for reasons of clinical safety.

Prescriptions are LEGAL documents. When a patient or patients representative (i.e. a family member or friend) come to collect a prescription from the surgery, the receptionist will ask for verification of Name and Address.




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