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Update on our Triage System 3rd April 2023

As it is now 6 months since we introduced our full GP triage system, we have had time to reflect on how well it is working.

We are delighted that feedback from patients, surgery staff and GPs has been overwhelmingly positive. We have been able to buck the national trend of long waits for routine appointments and more efficiently manage our GP time to give our patients what they need when they need it.  Hart patients are always offered a GP appointment on the same day or within 3-10 working days depending on clinical need.  For patient convenience, we are also offering our patients a choice of either a telephone or face-to-face appointment when a physical examination is not required.

Statistics are always difficult to interpret but looking at national data, now publicly available, we believe we are now one of the top 5 surgeries in Oxfordshire in terms of access to appointments.

The only tweak we think will improve the service is to is to bring forward the cut off time to submit online appointment requests to 4pm (currently 5pm). Patients will still be able to call the surgery for an urgent appointment after 4pm but requests for routine appointments may only be made up to 4pm (including by telephone). This change will free up the triaging GP to see more urgent patients before the surgery closes. This will take effect from wb 3rd April.

Our New Triage System went live Tuesday 11th October 2022

You can read a full explanation by clicking here New triage appointment system