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Job Description – Assistant Practice Manager


Assistant To Practice Manager


The practice manager is part of the senior management team of the surgery. Their role is to manage the non-clinical side of the business enabling the practice to meet its agreed aims and objectives within a profitable, efficient, safe and effective working environment.

Areas which come under the practice manager remit are listed below

  • Finance
  • Building and maintenance
  • Equipment maintenance and calibration
  • Staff and HR including training, payroll, staffing
  • Health and Safety
  • Compliance
  • Technical infrastructure eg IT and telephone systems
  • Ensuring practice meets its clinical targets
  • Management of back office and support staff and systems
  • Management of specific projects eg flu and covid vaccination program
  • Internal and External Communication and PR
  • Complaints and Significant Events management
  • Policies and Protocols
  • Confidentiality/Information Governance
  • Ad hoc non-clinical issues, processes and responses

 Assistant to Practice Manager 

The practice manager is seeking an assistant to work approximately 20-25 hours a week over 4 or 5 days as week. Their role will be to support the practice manager and could include any of the above but initially expected to help with the following.


  • Building maintenance – organising building repairs and maintenance, decorating projects, risk assessing rooms, making sure the surgery is kept tidy.
  • Fire Safety – weekly fire alarm checks, making sure that the fire alarm system including emergency lighting is regularly maintained
  • Legionella Testing – arranging regular testing of water
  • Security – arranging regular checks of the security system
  • Waste management – liaise with waste management companies

Health and Safety

  • Carry out risk assessments when appropriate.
  • Fire – safety, care out fire alarm checks and fire drills when appropriate. Make sure fire safety policy is kept up to date and adhered to
  • Keep health and safety plan up to date
  • COSH Risk Assessment and Training
  • Organise PAT testing


  • First point of call with any IT, software or telephone problems.
  • Liaising with IT support in order to fix any problems
  • Resetting of staff passwords on IT systems
  • Setting up of new staff on systems
  • Possible help with clinical searches on our clinical system, EMIS

Back Office Functions

  • Although not part of main job function, it may be necessary for the assistant to practice manager to provide emergency cover in the following back office areas
    • Scanning of internal post
    • Processing of prescriptions

Policies and Protocols

  • Help PM with policies and protocols in particular those involved with building, equipment, IT and health and safety.

Complaints and Significant Events

  • Collate and file all complaints and significant events
  • Organise regular complaints and significant events review meetings.


  • Make sure that the practice stays confidentiality compliant
  • Carry out annual confidentiality audit
  • Submit annual Confidentiality Data Toolkit

 Ad Hoc

  • This is not an exhaustive list. Other tasks may be added which play to the applicants personal strengths and assist the practice manager with their workload.

Financial Package

The initial rate of pay is £11.50 per hour. On top of that you would be eligible for the NHS Pension scheme which includes a 20.3% employers contribution.

You would be entitled to 5 weeks holiday a year (full time equivalent)